Michael Jackson funeral tickets free to fans

Michael Jackson’s public memorial will take place this Tuesday, July 7, at the Staples Center in LA. 11,000 tickets are available, and will be offered to the public free of charge.
There were rumors that tickets were being sold for $25.00 apiece, along with t-shirts. It was said that the Jackson family weren’t trying to profit from his memorial service, but only trying to break even.

RadarOnline.com broke the news of the family’s plan to charge the public and many fans were outraged. The family was not going to announce they were charging for several more days. Backed into a corner by the bad publicity, family members had heated closed door discussions and many arguments on Thursday. They blamed a close family associate for leaking the news and decided the only way they could save face with fans was to drop the plan to charge.

TMZ reports that a $25,000, solid bronze, 14-karat gold plated, custom casket has been ordered for Michael Jackson.


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