MJ's memorial service: No funeral procession,17500 tickets available

This is what's is planned up till now by the long and technical press conference regarding Michael Jackson’s Tuesday memorial service in Los Angeles.

• There will not be a funeral procession

• 17,500 total tickets available for fans

• 11,000 of those tickets are for a seat at the actual memorial service at the Staples Center

• An additional 6,500 tickets are for a seat at a simulcast at the Nokia Theater across the street from the Staples Center

• No tickets are being sold for the memorial service – people can register their names for a ticket raffle on the Staples Center’s website by 6:00 p.m. Saturday night. Randomly drawn names will get 2 tickets each

• Media may or may not be allowed inside for the memorial – they’re “still working on it.”

Several officials noted over and over again that the best way to honor and remember Michael is by staying home and watching the memorial there and “not coming to this venue if you do not have a ticket.”


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