Lisa Rinna with "aging body"?

Lisa Rinna had the audacity to wear a bikini on the beach this past weekend, and everyone is struck with overwhelming amazement, some say she's showing off her "aging body" while few sites have a better perspective on Lisa’s body. Radar noted, “We have to hand it to her, Lisa Rinna is in amazing shape. The 46 year old looks fabulous in her bikini at the beach in Malibu."

She's looking pretty good except for her abs and her lips... if you take a closer look at the second photo you will notice it. Maybe her plastic surgery messed up her stomach or it looks like a normal woman’s stomach who’s had two babies. What do you guys think?


ComputeLive said...

I think there is seriously something wrong with her seems like someone has pasted something there...

Dorothy L said...

She may have had a tummy tuck at one time.
People do not realize that all that cosmetic surgery shows up later in life.
46 is not even old.
We are just too brainwashed into thinking life and beauty are all about being 20 and younger.

There a lot of very good looking young females as well as there are a lot of very good looking older woman.

I was in South Beach and I will tell you that there were more hot older mommas than younger ones.

The older ones were in awesome shape and the younger ones...well lets just say should have been wearing more clothing.

Mom said...

After having 3 babies of my own - my tummy doesn't look nearly as good as hers.

Seriously - I would never even dream of donning a bikini.

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