Guess who's in Tim Burton's "Alice And Wonderland"

It's Johnny Depp! He is chosen to play as Mad Hatter who plays an insane hat salesman in the story.. no wonder he's dressed in weird costume embracing a brown hare and flaunting serious makeup.

Also Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland cast includes: Anne Hathaway's who's the Queen muses over a mouse with alabaster skin and hair, while Helena Bonham Carter's proportions continue to awe and terrify. Newcomer Mia Wasikowska plays the role of Alice with a little rabbit in this movie.

Alice In Wonderland (written by Lewis Carrol) is a story of kind and curious young girl who is very nervous about performing the song Cherry Ripe at her parents' party, so ahe runs and hides out. However, an apple floats down from the tree and seems to hover in Alice's face. She is suddenly distracted by a human-sized White Rabbit rushing by.

Curious, Alice follows the White Rabbit, falling down his rabbit hole and ending up in Wonderland. After her adventures in Wonderland, she finally gets the confidence to sing. However, she sings the Lobster Quadrille (a song that the Mock Turtle taught her) instead. Everyone loves her performance and she even spots the Cheshire Cat in the audience who grins at her in a term of congratulations.

Check out the pics below!

Photos[Radar Online]


blog4movie said...

This is one of my favorite cartoon movies when I was a child, and now johnny Depp will play in life version, I would love to watch it :)

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