Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince Review

I watched this movie last night... well I was very excited to see this movie after the interesting trailers, but the movie was a big disappointment, atleast it will be for those who have read the book. No idea why J.K. Rowling could have approved this script.
Unlike the the book the movie failed to hold one's interest. There are several reasons, for instance the movie is focusing more on teenage love of Harry-Ginny and Hermione-Ron rather than crucial details which are missing from the movie and people who have not read the book were completely lost. Simultaneously, it was completely frustrating to people that had read the book (who then had to explain to the others what was happening, why, and what was missing from the film).

Let's look at some missing details, which are completely ignored in sixth part which have some importance in the next series

  • Firstly the movie don't start the way it is in the book and too dark and eerie. It start with the replacement of Prime Minister Fudge, with Rufus Scrimgeour and they discuss the collapsing of the London bridge mishap with the Prime Minister of Muggles, which is just mention in the book and not shown, maybe because to give a clear view to the people who haven't read the book about what the Death Eaters were upto against the Muggle world.
  • The kidnapping of Ollivander. This event does not happen in the books until after Harry escapes from Voldemort in book seven and Voldemort is trying to figure out what happened between their wands.
  • Destruction of the Burrow. This scene is a complete fabrication, and undermines several things in the book. First of all, Bellatrix and Greyback would not be together, as Bellatrix considers him unworthy of being in her presence.
  • There is no mention of Marvolo Gaunt, Voldemort's uncle Morfin nor his mother Mereope and his Muggle father Tom Riddle which play a crucial part in the following series.
  • No mention of how Dumbledore got the ring which is a Horocrux. Dumbledore and Harry discuss this issue in depth, looking at the types of objects Riddle has stolen before, along with Dumbledore's guess about Nagini being a horcrux. The ring is left essentially unexplained (and even appears to be undamaged) in the movie. The stone in the movie's ring is also inexplicably a faceted gemstone without visible carvings, instead of a flat rock with the sign of the deathly hallows carved onto it.
  • Harry inherits 12 Grimmauld Place and Kreacher. This scene is cut entirely, and Kreacher is not mentioned. Kreacher and Dobby are supposed to tail Malfoy to find out where he is going when Harry can't locate him on the Marauder's Map.
  • Vanishing Cabinet. Harry has no idea in the book what Malfoy is actually up to until after the fact. He did not see what object Malfoy was looking at, did not tell Mr. Weasley about it, and does not have it put together until Malfoy explains it at the top of the tower. The movie made it very obvious that Malfoy's mission for the year was to kill Dumbledore, while the book tried to keep Malfoy's mission hidden from everyone but Dumbledore.
  • No funeral and white tomb? This movie does show the funeral and tomb scene. Dumbledore's tomb is important in book seven.


ComputeLive said...

i didnt enjoy d movie at all...I dont knw what wer they thinkin...

Anonymouse said...

Great review! I think they have really outdone themselves in terms of skipping stuff from the book compared to Goblet of Fire. This movie deserves an extended version!

YANZ said...

i was totally disappointed. it was like they just ripped random pages off the book and made a movie out of them... =(

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