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Lisa Rinna with "aging body"?


Lisa Rinna had the audacity to wear a bikini on the beach this past weekend, and everyone is struck with overwhelming amazement, some say she's showing off her "aging body" while few sites have a better perspective on Lisa’s body. Radar noted, “We have to hand it to her, Lisa Rinna is in amazing shape. The 46 year old looks fabulous in her bikini at the beach in Malibu."

She's looking pretty good except for her abs and her lips... if you take a closer look at the second photo you will notice it. Maybe her plastic surgery messed up her stomach or it looks like a normal woman’s stomach who’s had two babies. What do you guys think?

Miley Cyrus died a couple of times in recent weeks


There are reports of fake celebrity deaths quite often like Miley Cyrus and Lil Wayne, that have both "died" dozen times in recent weeks.

According to the rumor, Miley Cyrus died in a car crash in Los Angeles at the weekend. The rumor often makes claims such as TMZ broke the story. There’s even a photograph allegedly showing Miley dead; sadly for the family involved the pictures are of a girl named Nikki Catsouras who was decapitated in a car accident last year.

Well anyways, Miley is doing great and And Lil Wayne is still kicking well.

Source[The Inquisitr]

AnnaLynne McCord celebrates her 22nd birthday on beach


The gorgeous skinny Blonde decided to soak up the sun, enjoyed a barbecue and even relay races on the sand to celebrate her birthday with her sisters ( Angel and Rachel McCord) in beach bikinis! Perfect! ;)

Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince Review


I watched this movie last night... well I was very excited to see this movie after the interesting trailers, but the movie was a big disappointment, atleast it will be for those who have read the book. No idea why J.K. Rowling could have approved this script.
Unlike the the book the movie failed to hold one's interest. There are several reasons, for instance the movie is focusing more on teenage love of Harry-Ginny and Hermione-Ron rather than crucial details which are missing from the movie and people who have not read the book were completely lost. Simultaneously, it was completely frustrating to people that had read the book (who then had to explain to the others what was happening, why, and what was missing from the film).

Let's look at some missing details, which are completely ignored in sixth part which have some importance in the next series

  • Firstly the movie don't start the way it is in the book and too dark and eerie. It start with the replacement of Prime Minister Fudge, with Rufus Scrimgeour and they discuss the collapsing of the London bridge mishap with the Prime Minister of Muggles, which is just mention in the book and not shown, maybe because to give a clear view to the people who haven't read the book about what the Death Eaters were upto against the Muggle world.
  • The kidnapping of Ollivander. This event does not happen in the books until after Harry escapes from Voldemort in book seven and Voldemort is trying to figure out what happened between their wands.
  • Destruction of the Burrow. This scene is a complete fabrication, and undermines several things in the book. First of all, Bellatrix and Greyback would not be together, as Bellatrix considers him unworthy of being in her presence.
  • There is no mention of Marvolo Gaunt, Voldemort's uncle Morfin nor his mother Mereope and his Muggle father Tom Riddle which play a crucial part in the following series.
  • No mention of how Dumbledore got the ring which is a Horocrux. Dumbledore and Harry discuss this issue in depth, looking at the types of objects Riddle has stolen before, along with Dumbledore's guess about Nagini being a horcrux. The ring is left essentially unexplained (and even appears to be undamaged) in the movie. The stone in the movie's ring is also inexplicably a faceted gemstone without visible carvings, instead of a flat rock with the sign of the deathly hallows carved onto it.
  • Harry inherits 12 Grimmauld Place and Kreacher. This scene is cut entirely, and Kreacher is not mentioned. Kreacher and Dobby are supposed to tail Malfoy to find out where he is going when Harry can't locate him on the Marauder's Map.
  • Vanishing Cabinet. Harry has no idea in the book what Malfoy is actually up to until after the fact. He did not see what object Malfoy was looking at, did not tell Mr. Weasley about it, and does not have it put together until Malfoy explains it at the top of the tower. The movie made it very obvious that Malfoy's mission for the year was to kill Dumbledore, while the book tried to keep Malfoy's mission hidden from everyone but Dumbledore.
  • No funeral and white tomb? This movie does show the funeral and tomb scene. Dumbledore's tomb is important in book seven.

Guess who's in Tim Burton's "Alice And Wonderland"


It's Johnny Depp! He is chosen to play as Mad Hatter who plays an insane hat salesman in the story.. no wonder he's dressed in weird costume embracing a brown hare and flaunting serious makeup.

Also Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland cast includes: Anne Hathaway's who's the Queen muses over a mouse with alabaster skin and hair, while Helena Bonham Carter's proportions continue to awe and terrify. Newcomer Mia Wasikowska plays the role of Alice with a little rabbit in this movie.

Alice In Wonderland (written by Lewis Carrol) is a story of kind and curious young girl who is very nervous about performing the song Cherry Ripe at her parents' party, so ahe runs and hides out. However, an apple floats down from the tree and seems to hover in Alice's face. She is suddenly distracted by a human-sized White Rabbit rushing by.

Curious, Alice follows the White Rabbit, falling down his rabbit hole and ending up in Wonderland. After her adventures in Wonderland, she finally gets the confidence to sing. However, she sings the Lobster Quadrille (a song that the Mock Turtle taught her) instead. Everyone loves her performance and she even spots the Cheshire Cat in the audience who grins at her in a term of congratulations.

Check out the pics below!

Photos[Radar Online]

Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince breaks midnight ticket sales record


"Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince" conjured up $22.2 million in midnight ticket sales at 3,003 locations (while “Revenge of the Fallen” made $16 million) according to Warner Bros., putting the popular boy-wizard movie on track for a record-breaking debut today and through the weekend.
The sixth "Potter" film, which cost more than $400 million to make, market and release worldwide, shattered the $18.5-million-record midnight earnings of last year's Batman blockbuster "The Dark Knight," also produced and distributed by Warner Bros.

Evening shows aren't selling quite as well, meaning "Harry Potter" may just miss out on surpassing "Transformers."
According to two people who have followed box office returns all day, ticket sales for night time shows on the east coast are a bit slower than matinees. As a result, both predicted that "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" will gross $57 million or $58 million for the day. It now has only a small chance, they said, of breaking the $62 million "Revenge of the Fallen" record.

Source[Los Angeles Times]

Peter Andre admits public life with Katie Price was 'a mistake'


An emotional Peter Andre admitted living his life in the public eye 'can be a mistake' as made his first TV appearance since his split from Katie Price today.

The Australian singer, 36, looked nervous and uncomfortable as he answered difficult questions about his marriage on This Morning in an interview with Fern and Phillip Schofield.
When asked about the reason behind their split-up, he politely refused to discuss the reason for the sake of their three children. He was constantly looking awkward and took deep breaths when he was asked challenging questions.

He conceded he and Katie had no-one to blame but themselves for the press attention over their split because they had lived their lives so publicly.

Via[Daily Mail]

AnnaLynne McCord in a bikini


AnnaLynne McCord was shooting in a bikini, with Jessia Lowndes and Jessica Stroup on the set of 90210.

Photos[The Superficial]

Scarlett Johansson new Face of Mango


Scarlett Johansson was announced as the new Face of Mango(clothing line) at Santo Mauro Hotel on July 13 in Madrid, Spain, and will be appearing in their ad campaigns. She is replacing her “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” co-star, Penelope Cruz.
Johansson will soon be in an advertising spread near you as part of Mango's fall/winter 2009 campaign.
Check out the pics the newly-brunette bombshell is looking damn sexy!


Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno top the box office, beats Borat


Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno claimed the top spot at the box office this weekend with a $30.4 million intake, defeating Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which finished second and third, respectively.

Bruno, which follows the antics of a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion reporter, made half of its money Friday, with a stellar $14.4 million intake; its Saturday ($8.8 million) and Sunday ($7.2 million) reports Radar Online.com
Just like with Ali G and Borat, Sacha as Brüno tricks famous faces into doing ridiculous interviews.
Bruno's $30.4 million also beat the $26.5 million opening weekend of Cohen's 2006 comedy, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Entourage S06E01 season 6 episode 1 Drive


Entourage S06E01 Season 6 Episode 1 titled 'Drive’ was aired on HBO on July 12th.
Vince is back in the fast lane, preparing for his driving test and an appearance with Jay Leno to promote the premiere of Gatsby, his new movie directed by Martin Scorsese. Meanwhile, with a nudge from Sloan, Eric considers moving into his own house, but worries about the impact on Vince and the gang. Looking for career advancement, Lloyd confronts Ari with an ultimatum, and Ari counters with a proposition of his own.

Entourage S06E02 Season 6 Episode 2 titled 'Amongst Friends' will be aired on Sunday July 19th, 2009.


Lifetime's new series: Drop Dead Diva


On Lifetime's new series Drop Dead Diva, superficial model Deb (Brooke D'Orsay) after a car accident kills model Deb Dobson her soul returns to earth and reincarnates as an older, frumpy but brilliant attorney Jane, played by Broadway vet Brooke Elliott.

Here is the preview below, its kind of fun... to know more about the cast and crew click here

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum are married!


Step Up costars Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum exchanged "I dos" in a brief, 15-minute ceremony Saturday evening at the Church Estates Vineyards in Malibu.

The bride was stunning in a strapless white gown. The groom was his hunky best in a black suit. Actresses Emmanuelle Chriqui and Haylie Duff were both in the wedding party. Approximately 200 guests were in attendance.

The hot couple started dating after they met while on the set of their 2005 collaboration. The 29-year-old G.I. Joe star popped the question while vacationing in Maui in September 2008.


Check out this blonde!


It's our very own Mr. Potter! A wig-wearing Daniel Radcliffe – whose Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince hits theaters Wednesday (July 15th) - takes a walk on the blonde side as he plays dress-up during his visit Thursday to MTV's It's On with Alexa Chung in New York City.

reported that the cast of Harry Potter was in the Big Apple Thursday night for the premiere of the latest installment in J.K. Rowling's popular anthology, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
The crew is currently said to be filming for seventh part Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows in New York City.

Emma Watson buys $3 million house, moves in with her bf Jay Barrymore


Emma Watson,19, after her recent wardrobe malfunction where she flashed her underwear and much hyped career plans about attending college in U.S, is in news again!
This time Harry Potter star, Hermione Granger have moved in with her "posh banker" boyfriend, Jay Barrymore, into her $3 million North London townhouse, according to the British media.

The source added: “Despite the fame, she’s really got her head screwed on. After consulting with several property experts, as well as her family and friends, she’s decided to invest in her own place.

It is the first sign yet that the couple are ready to go public with their romance, 16 months after initially getting together.

She is currently in New York filming the seventh and final Harry Potter movie. Worth an estimated £10.5million from the phenomenally successful HP franchise, she is the first of the gang to buy her own pad.

Jim Carrey to be grandad


Jim Carrey's rocker daughter Jane Carrey is expecting her first baby and her dad is thrilled!
"I am very excited," Jim, 47, said. "Jane is going to be a great mom."

Jane, 21, and her long-time boyfriend Alex Santana(who goes by the stage name "Nitro" with his rock band, Blood Money) are engaged and are very excited to have a baby.


Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows plans revealed


We know that it is very early to talk about seventh part of Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows, as the sixth part, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is yet to be released, but in a press conference, director David Yates and stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson offered up some tidbits about where they're headed with the last two films.

Even though most of you have already read Deathly Hallows, you must be having keen interest about the part where Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny as adults, seeing their own children off on the Hogwarts Express.

"We will be delivering that at the end of Part 7, Part 2," Yates promised. "Were looking at various options of how we do it."

While Yates said they probably won't be using "Benjamin Button" technology, producer David Heyman promised that Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe would be playing their older selves, not some stand-in adult actors. "We may use some of the [Benjamin Button] techniques," Heyman said, maybe as a hedge in case David Fincher comes a calling. "We're still in the exploratory stage."

Well there's another thing in which Harry Potter fan's are looking forward to-- Ron and Hermione's big kiss?
Grint and Watson admitted sheepishly that they filmed the scene a few weeks ago, and did everything they could to get it over with as quickly as possible.
Grint confesses. "It's quite a strange thing to think about doing, We both felt the pressure. It was like kissing my own sister"

To read more click here

Obama looking at a girl


Obama was caught at some very bad timing while checking out some chick, well everyman has a right to check out girls once in while.. so why not our very own Obama.. well we even don't exactly know whether he's checking out her... maybe he's looking at something else. What's funny in this picture is that France’s president is smiling at Obama’s behaviour.

Well Barack Obama of all people should know there's always someone watching ;)


Morgan Freeman to marry his step-granddaughter E'Dena Hines


According to The National Enquirer, actor Morgan Freeman, 72, is planning to marry his step-granddaughter. The step-granddaughter whom he and his estranged second wife Myrna raised since she was a young child.

She is the granddaughter of Morgan's first wife. It is also believed that their long secret relationship is what led to Morgan’s marriage break-up with his second wife Myrna.

A source apparently said that E’Dena’s goal all along was to become Mrs. Morgan Freeman.
Morgan and E'Dena are planning to wed after Morgan's contentious divorce battle is over!

Babies on skates make Evian's commercial a big hit!


Have you watched skating babies commercial? If not here's the video of the Evian roller babies commercial which is a big YouTube sensation.

The video, which ranks 3rd overall on YouTube this week (after two Michael Jackson videos), has racked up nearly 3 million total YouTube views at the time of writing.
Over six million hits since its release last weekend - almost three million in the U.S. alone.
The ad features babies on roller skates dancing and doing stunts. The babies do backflips, jumps and walk on their hands. The background music is Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight.

The goal: To show people how Evian affects on the body. Evian claims its water “supports the body’s youth.”
It's hilarious!! I loved it. Watch and enjoy :)

Emma Watson to attend U.S. college


Emma Watson, who stars as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman on July 8, 2009. She was on the program to promote her new film.

There are lot of rumors of her educational plans when she broke the news that she was going to take a three year break from acting. While her co-star Daniel Radcliffe mentioned a few days ago that Emma will be attending The Ivy League college Brown University, but last night in her interview with Dave, when he asked her about college, Emma said that she was coming to the United States to attend college in the fall. (She did not identify which institution she will be attending).

She said she will study for a liberal arts degree, possibly concentrating in English, Art, or something else. When Mr. Letterman inquired further about what one does with a liberal arts degree, Watson said:

"This is one of the reasons that I've come to the States, because I'm young and indecisive, and I'm not quite sure what I want to major in."

When asked about her wardrobe malfunction during the premiere in London, the actress, was red faced, but said: " It could have been worse, at least I'm wearing underwear'

Lady Gaga is just weird


Lady Gaga is one weirdo! She been really known for her craziest outfits, but this time she has crossed the limits!

The Poker Face singer showed up to the press conference for the "Isle of Malta MTV Special" covering her face in something akin to a gimp mask with just her nose and blonde curls visible, she teamed her mask with a figure-hugging, studded body suit and black gloves of different lengths.

Emma Watson wadrobe malfunction


Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince World Premiere was in Leicester Square, London, on Tuesday, July 7. This premiere was series of misevents. As all stars soaking wet as it was raining heavily in London. Even with their big umbrellas couldn't help them to keep their wardrobes from getting wet.

The most bizarre moment was when the wind blew Emma Watson;s light sheer fabric gown asunder exposing her underwear!

Daniel Radcliffe was wearing an odd suit and Rupert Grint was looking lil bit drowsy as still recovering from swine-flu. Helena Bonham Carter walked the red carpet in character as Bellatrix LeStrange and J.K. Rowling looked smashing in a low-cut electric blue gown.


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