Spears and K-Fed settle custody case

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline finalized their child-custody settlement Friday, including a $5,000-per-month increase in child support for the pop singer’s ex-husband.
According to the agreement dealing with finances, Spears’ payments to Federline go from $15,000 to $20,000 per month, retroactive to July 15. Spears will also pay Federline’s attorneys, Mark Vincent Kaplan and James Simon, a single payment of $250,000.

Spears and Federline married in 2004, split up in late 2006 and their divorce was finalized last year. Spears lost custody of the boys in January after two brief hospitalizations for psychiatric evaluation.

The agreement formally settles the custody case between Spears, 26, and Federline, 30, said Allan Parachini, a spokesman for the– Los Angeles Superior Court The custody portion of the settlement was not made public. In an order filed on Friday, an August custody trial for the case was called off.

According to TMZ, within the next hour Brit's lawyer will settle -- filing papers that will officially end the custody battle. She will get more visitation, and down the line Brit may ultimately end up with 50/50 custody.


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