Victoria's sarcastic comments lead to the cancellation of the tour

The Spice Girls recent tour cancellation was due to Victoria's sarcastic comments on Geri.

The tabloid quotes an anonymous source as claiming that Beckham’s continual mentioning of her husband, David Beckham, in relation to Halliwell being single led to the band cancelling their tour.

The source is quoted as saying: "The girls turned to their partners during the emotional and exhausting tour but Geri had nobody.
"And she’s constantly going on about David and how lucky she is to have such a great partner, unlike Geri."

"She felt Victoria was insensitive towards her isolation. She makes sarcastic comments under her breath to wind Geri up, so it looks like Geri is being unreasonable.


LadyBanana said...

They've been there, done it all.. they should just stop and get on with their separate lives now..

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