Jennifer Aniston's "Late Show" interview

Jennifer Aniston is very much in the limelight after stripping down naked for GQ Magazine. She was snapped in New York City before her "Late Show" interview with David Letterman.

Dressed in a black trench coat and matching slacks, the beautiful 'Marley & Me' star waved to photographers outside the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Anyway, here's a short transcript of the exchange:
JENNIFER: This is an early Christmas present.
DAVE: Oh, my. Get a close-up on this, will ya? That is the tie.
JENNIFER: Well, put it on. *claps*
DAVE: I would, but it seems to be giving off an overpowering scent of vinegar and water.
JENNIFER: What? The last person who had it - JOHN!
JENNIFER: Yes, master.
DAVE: Yes, master.

Jennifer's "Late Show" interview will air Wednesday night on CBS, and her new comedy 'Marley & Me' hits theaters December 25.

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Source [The Insider]


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