"Womanizer," Spears' first single delayed

Britney Spears' latest single "Womanizer" was set to debut yesterday morning, but E! News is reporting it will be another week until it hits radio stations.

According to label sources, the official premiere of "Womanizer," Spears' first single off of her upcoming album Circus, has been pushed back due to an undisclosed issue with "the mix"—i.e., not Britney's vocals, per se, but rather how all facets of the track sound together.

Spears' sixth studio album, Circus, is being prepped for a Dec. 2 debut to coincide with the comebacking pop star's 27th birthday.

Well forget about the album.. they have spent a hell lot of money for photoshop.. to make Brit look like a barbie... with ugly legs and less flabbier!


Sjeltur said...

The song is out though... you legally can listen to it....


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