Lohan and Samantha are not engaged, says lindsay's father

Lindsay Lohan is just working it for the publicity. After two separate and distinct rounds of “they’re getting engaged” rumors flew about the internet, Lohan was spotted wearing a ring on her left hand within days – generally after.

“It’s all BS,” says her father, Michael Lohan, when asked if L.A. DJ Ronson recently proposed to his daughter. “It’s not true.” A source close to Dina Lohan adds, “She said it’s just one of Lindsay’s cocktail rings, nothing more.” In fact, Lindsay enjoys wearing flashy rings on her wedding ring finger especially because of the storm it causes in the media.

“It’s like her own personal joke these days,” the source said. “She slips a ring on that finger, then goes to a party and watches the rumors start to roll. It amuses her.”

What a pathetic idea of wearing rings on your finger to show that you are engaged! All just for publicity... What you guys think about this?


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