Neil Patrick Harris and his boyfriend wear rings

Neil Patrick Harris is on the cover of the upcoming issue of Out magazine, and sounds a bit more like he’s considering marriage to his boyfriend of four years, actor David Burtka.

As told to US Magazine : Neil Patrick Harris is opening up about making his relationship official with longtime beau David Burtka. “I think if and when we do, we’d probably announce it after the fact as opposed to making any big announcement,” Harris, 35, says in the September issue of Out magazine.

“We both wear rings, and I’m giddy when I see all the pictures of people so happy standing there, confirming the love they wish they could have expressed for a long time,” he explains. “I’m a big proponent of monogamous relationships regardless of sexuality, and I’m proud of how the nation is steering toward that,” he adds.

Harris has done a good job of not being typecast. He’s successfully played a major womanizer on How I Met Your Mother for several seasons, and his coming out didn’t affect the show’s viewership.


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