Another record set by The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight have set another by earning $400 million in just 18 days!! It took the previous record-holder, Shrek 2, 43 days to cross the $400 million mark. On Monday, Warner Bros. told US Magazine that the thriller — starring the late Heath Ledger as the Joker — had raked it $400.3 million. The movie is currently No. 8 on the all-time box-office charts and is expected to move to No. 7 today.

"It's wonderful!" Christian Bale recently told Usmagazine of the movie's box office success. "But I'm not a business man. I just enjoy doing what I do and whatever happens after that is gravy.

"I hope people are as excited about the movie as I am," he added. "The good thing is I don't feel like a con man. The movie really does live up to the hype."


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