Micheal Dougalas and Catherine Zeta- Jone's breached Italian laws and fined!

The couple ran into trouble after breaching Italian immigration laws during a Mediterranean cruise and where fined more than 2,000 euros. Port authorities claimed the couple, both Oscar winners, had broken immigration and anti-terrorism laws by allegedly landing at the Ligurian destination without notifying them of their arrival and by not gaining the right paperwork.

It seemed that the captain of their yacht which was flying an American flag, had not reported who was on board and was fined by the coastguards.

"It's a question of security, of guarding the port landing and the visitors. The docks where landings are expected are subject to inspection and clearance. It's also necessary to check the identity of passengers on smaller, supply vessels," a port authority spokesman told the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

The fine was said to have been more than 2,000 euros (£1,600). However, the sum is unlikely to worry the millionaire couple, who are frequent summer visitors to the sought-after resorts in the Mediterranean.


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