Lynne spears book set to release next month

The highly anticipated book by Britney Spears’ mother is set to hit store shelves next month.
Lynne Spears’ Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World, a memoir about her “backseat role in Britney’s path to fame,” will go on sale on Sept. 16. It's about Lynn Spears from writing a book on her experiences as a mom trying to guide her daughters in Hollywood...blah..blah...

Star Magzine reports : According to the publisher Thomas Nelson — a publisher of inspirational books and Bibles — the book will take readers “beyond the reach of the paparazzi and outside the narrow orbit of the Hollywood glitterati to share the inside story of the Spears family-as only a mother can tell it."

Topics she discusses include:

  • Her regret in abdicating parental authority to managers, agents and record companies.
  • Her response to Jamie Lynn’s teen pregnancy.
  • The startling events that led to Britney’s meltdown and Lynne’s showdown with manager Sam Lufti.

To find out more details about the book (If u seriously wanna buy this... Will you??) click here


Jennifer said...

She is probably the last person I would ever want to read a book written by. Especially one that has anything to do with parenting.

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