Vanessa Paradis is unhappy with Johnny Depp's new co-star

French singer and actress Vanessa, 35, doesn’t like the way Johnny is warming up to 32-year-old Marion . Depp is currently filming Public Enemies with French actress Marion Cotillard, and according to many onset snoops, the chemistry between have said to be growing in something else, means more than palpable .

Paradis is said to be quite jealous – why not, she has good reason to be. Think she feels that Marion is crossing her limits..... According to the National Enquirer, “Marion is very flirty with guys she likes - and she adores Johnny! She frequently gives him a hug and a peck on the cheek before they start filming - and I never see him push her away. While Cotillard doesn't have great record in her past "relationships". In 2003 she had an affair with French actor Guillaume Canet, her leading man in the film “Love Me if You Dare.” Canet was married to actress Diane Kruger at the time.
Johnny Depp seems to be a pretty stand up guy. Well we have nothing heard anything like this before about him.... Ten years together in love... I don't think so, Vanessa should be worried at all. Depp seems to be seriously committed.


Frances said...

I would be suprised and disappointed that Johnny Depp, a known one women man would risk losing children and girlfriend to some past in the night female.
I have faith in Johnny as the mature good person I think he has become.

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