Jessica Simpson warns Jennifer Aniston to stay away from her former boyfriend

Jessica Simpson is trying to warn to be careful with new man John Mayer, because he is a notorious “ladies man”.

According to Entertainmentwise, The wannabe country singer, who is currently dating American football star Tony Romo, was said to be jealous that her ex-boyfriend Mayer is dating the Friends star, but sources claim the green-eyed monster people are seeing is actually just concern.

A source says via Transworld News: “Jessica wants Jen to be aware of what she’s letting herself get into with John. She doesn’t want her to make the same mistakes. John is a ladies man.”

Others are also letting the rocker’s true colours be known, with a friend of Mayer adding: “He’ll spend every waking minute talking to someone and spending time with them and then move on to the next girl,” said the friend.
But Simpson’s friends claim it’s not what you think – Jess is just super concerned for Jennifer. What a way to spin it.

People involved in potentially toxic relationships, NEVER WANT TO HEAR THE TRUTH! Women, no matter how smart, always assume that they will be the ones to change a bad boy. He is such a tool, I can’t understand the appeal.


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