Tom cruise Mission: IMPOSSIBLE IV??

Looks like the split between Paramount and Tom Cruise may have been short-lived!. Cruise is now in talks with Paramount to star in a fourth "Mission: Impossible" film.

Entertainment mogul Sumner Redstone said Tuesday he has no objection to Tom Cruise starring in the next segment of the popular "Mission Impossible" movie series, despite cutting his relationship with the actor in 2006.

Redstone — executive chairman and controlling shareholder of Viacom Inc. and CBS Corp. — ended a 14-year relationship with Cruise and his producing partner in August 2006, kicking them off the Paramount Pictures lot and ending their lucrative deal to develop projects for the studio leading Tom Cruise for setting up a rival house, United Artists.


tazdog said...

Does there really need to be another Mission: Impossible movie?

Or is that all he can get casted for?


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