Jennifer Lopez - Mom of the year

J.Lo has only been a mother for a few months and she's already been named "Celebrity Mom of the Year." How does that work??

New York's Mingling Moms organization, which also named Dina Lohan Mom of the Year, gave J. Lo the honor at last night's 'Mom's Night Out' ceremony.

J.Lo had better things to do than to show up to a fake award ceremony but Lohan's mom Dina wouldn't have missed it for the world. Dina even had some advice for the other moms, "Just to be honest and to stay morally correct. And listen to your mother."

Other celebrity moms honored in the Long Island's Top 20 Celebrity Moms category included Alec Baldwin's mother Carol, Mariah Carey's mom Patricia Vian and Eddie Murphy's mother Lillian Robinson.


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