Gwyneth Paltrow holds grudge against Brad Pitt.

Gwyneth Paltrow is back and with a fashion fury, jetting around the world for the "Iron Man" premiere. And over the last few weeks, Gwyneth has assumed her rightful ruling spot on the international red carpet. One of People's 50 most beautiful people in 1998, Gwyneth officially became Hollywood's fairy tale princess and was an overnight fashion force. But after her very public romances (and heartbreaks), she disappeared from the pap lenses, moved to London, hung out with pals like Madonna and Stella McCartney, married British musician Chris Martin of Coldplay in 2003 and had two children. Since her relationship with Cold Play’s Chris Martin turned from Brad Pitt rebound to full on marriage, not much of Gweneth Paltrow has been out there to be seen. . But when asked about ex Brad Pitt, the mood changed.


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