Victoria's secret created $15 million bra!!!

Victoria's secret created $15 million bra & underwear titled "Red Hot Fantasy" (worn by Giselle Bundchen), made of red satin & 1300 gemstones, including rubies and daimonds...!!

They float, charge I-pods, & flaunt animals- The bra is becoming a girl's big statement.
How it started......
Madonna's jean Paul Gaultier designed "cone bra" created ripples the world over in the 90's when it was first worn by the pop star in the Blond Ambition tour. In a way it was the beginning of the outward journey of inner wear. From then to now, there's been an explosion in experimenting with the bra, in terms of patterns, style,material. And now it's going hi-tech!
Solar bra
The latest innovationheading is the 'Solar bra'. You can even use it to charge your i-pods!! It all started in Japan. Apparently a pretty girl in a bikini was lounging at a beach when suddenly its battery ran out. And that's when the idea to create a solar bra hit her.
Animals lovers bra
A bra that has your favourite animal positioned right above your heart. If you're a tiger lover, get one.
The eco bra
These are made of substances like paper and tree leaves- totally eco- friendly and also wearable, but they are disposable so you can wear them for a day only.
Convertible bra
A bra that can be converted into a bag was created when debate over the usage of plastic bags. It's a padded bra that can be opened up into a shopping bag.


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