Vanessa Hudgen's swag is worth $12,000!

Swag is one of the tackier aspects of celebrity. The celebrities carry all these luxury cool crap they get for showing up at awards banquets.

Looks like on going recession didn't had any effect on "High School Musical" actress Vanessa Hudgens from stocking up on $12,000 worth of luxury items at the Golden Globes last night – nor did it keep her from bragging about it, along with her giant new house.

From Celebitchy:
Hudgens overtook “Access Hollywood’s” Stuff You Must … lounge suite, making sure to “take something from every booth,” our witness said. Among the gratis goods were a one-year pass for her and a pal to a AMC Theatres, a BlackBerry Pearl, a coffee machine, a $4,000 diamond pendant, designer clutches, a year-long gym membership and more.

It was more than a little ironic when, during her spree, Hudgens commented on how overjoyed she was with the “huge house I just bought.” We’re guessing it’s a little easier to fill a new home when you’re spending three hours in a gift lounge.


Petula said...

Yeah, but I gotta admit I am still a little jealous! LOL

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