Will Smith's Love-Scene in 'Seven Pounds'

Will Smith plays a conflicted man with a mysterious secret who decides to help seven strangers in the dramatic love story 'Seven Pounds.' In his new movie, Will lost his onscreen virginity to Rosario and guess what married Will was nervous while going through with it!

"I was very happy to lose my onscreen virginity to Rosario," says Will, who adds that wife Jada Pinkett Smith wasn't bothered at all by their love scene. "Jada said, 'Listen, you better not embarrass me, okay? You better show 'em what you're workin' with.'"
"He was extremely nervous and very shy," says Rosario about Will. "To see that sensitivity be a part of him is so beautiful and endearing to me."

In the film, Will plays Ben Thomas, an IRS agent who embarks on an extraordinary journey of redemption by forever changing the lives of seven strangers.

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I am a fan of Will Smith after his movie "I am Legend."

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