Sandip Soparrkar dating Britney Spears??

International media and webchats on the Internet are abuzz with off late — that the newest man in Britney’s life is Sandip Soparrkar.
So, what do the two have to say about their so-called ‘affair’. Sandip just laughs off the entire episode, while Britney, with her tongue firmly in cheek, states, “Sandip is a very handsome man."

Who is Sandip Soparrkar?

Sandip is a German Trained Ballroom Dance Teacher, who is the first Indian to be certified by the ‘Ballroom Dance Teachers Training School’ in Bonn Germany. He stood 4th in the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing recognised worldwide. Sandip is a dance expert and he previously choreographed Madonna, Beyonce and Shakira.

Britney is all set to reshoot the Womanizer video of the song, after the first one got leaked on the internet. News reports have it that Britney was charmed by the dance that Sandip had performed with his partner Jessy Randhawa at Madonna’s 50th birthday party, and that’s when she decided to use his services for the new video.

Source [Times of India]


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