Biggest Loser Season 6 winner : Michelle Aguilar

Michelle Aguilar(26), who entered the competition with her once-estranged mom, Renee Wilson, was declared the Biggest Loser after dropping 45.45 percent of her starting body weight of 242 pounds.

After twelve weeks of extreme diet and exercise,the winner last night, earned $250,000.

She beat out 31-year-old Ed Brantley, a chef from North Carolina, and 37-year-old Vicky Vilcan from Louisiana.

The winner was determined not by number of pounds shed but by percentage of body weight lost.

"We went through a lot, but it was all—all—worth it," Michelle said before learning she had made the most progress, percentage-wise.

The next season of the hit NBC series, The Biggest Loser Season 7: Couples, kicks off Jan. 6, featuring, among others, the show's oldest contestants, two spouses who are both 63; a 379-pound woman, who will be the largest female to ever compete; and a 19-year-old boy who will be the show's heaviest contestant of all time at 454 pounds.

Source [E! Online]


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