Angelina Jolie present at the premiere of 'Gran Torino'

Angelina Jolie was at the premiere of Gran Torino in LA last night looking extremely beautiful , elegant and dressed down wearing a simple gray sweater with slim black slacks and nude peep-toe heels, Jolie was on hand to support Clint Eastwood, who directs and stars in the film.

Jolie told The Insider that Eastwood is so talented a director you don’t even know he’s there:

“He’s original, he’s classic. There’s just nobody like him. He’s strong you don’t know he’s directing you. You feel like you’re just having a conversation with him, but he is a really good director. You kind of walk away and think wow he snuck one in there. But he’s great, he’s just the best.”

Gran Torino is about a Korean War veteran who confronts a gang that threatens a neighbor family. It’s out in theaters on January 9. Here’s the trailer, it looks good and maybe it should have come out before the end of the year in order to be eligible for Oscar season.


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