Julianne Moore's "Blindness" faced protest by National Federation of the Blind,

While "Panic" might be a more appropriate title, Blindness is in some ways like Children of Men, another post-apocalyptic film starring Julianne Moore and Marc Ruffalo. The film, based on a novel by Fernando Meirelles(the director of The Constant Gardener and City of God), tells the grim story of what happens to humanity when hope is either lost or taken away.

The National Federation of the Blind, the nation's oldest and largest organization of blind people,yesterday announced its strong objections to the forthcoming Miramax film.

This is a story in which the inhabitants of an unnamed city suddenly go blind. Fearing that the mysterious blindness is contagious, the government quarantines the blinded citizens in an abandoned asylum, where moral, social, and hygienic standards quickly deteriorate and the blind extort valuables, food, and sex from one another. Only one woman, played in the film by Julianne Moore, remains able to see, feigning blindness to remain with her husband. She is portrayed as physically, mentally, and morally superior to the others because she still has her sight.

The movie reinforces inaccurate stereotypes, including that the blind cannot care for themselves and are perpetually disoriented, according to the NFB.

“We face a 70 percent unemployment rate and other social problems because people don’t think we can do anything, and this movie is not going to help _ at all,” said Christopher Danielsen, a spokesman for the organization.

The movie is out in limited release in the US this Friday, October 3 and its rating according to IMDb is 7.1/10. To watch the trailer of the movie which was released by Miramax Films, click here.

What you guys think shoud NFB really interfere in release of this movie? After all it's just a movie... are those people taking it too seriously?

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Anonymous said...

I heard it is a good movie n also read abt it on IMDB...so I dont think NFB should interfere...I would love to watch this movie..

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