Madonna has been fined $249,750 for running late!

Madonna has been fined $249,750 (135,000 pounds) by Wembley Stadium officials for breaking the venue’s curfew during the London stop of her Sticky & Sweet world tour earlier this month.

The Material Girl’s show overran the 10.30pm curfew by 40 minutes when she played there on September 11th - her only date in the U.K. And she has now been charged $92,500 for every 15 minutes she overstayed her welcome.

"The concert was meant to start at 8.30pm but Madonna didn’t come on stage until 9.10pm. The gig ended at 11.10pm so she was quite a bit over. Her people knew about the possible implications for going over the curfew but this is a pretty hefty fine, even for Madonna."

Luckily for Madonna, she can afford the fine. The Wembley stadium gig brought in $12m USD (£6.3m), according to a statement. A week earlier she performed at the largest-ever concert in Switzerland .Madonna is not the first pop star to fall foul of Wembley s curfew. George Michael was fined 130,000 pounds when his concert also ran over time last year.

Source [I'm not Obsessed]


Rich Dansereau said...

That is an enormous amount of money for her to make and for her to be fined. What is the purpose of this Wembley curfew? Some extra revenue for the stadium owners or the government?

The Natural State Hawg said...

Heh, heh. Madonna with a guitar.

That's funny...

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