Shia LaBeouf's hand immobilized after surgery

Shia LaBeouf’s hand injury was pretty significant. Though it was obviously more than a simple broken bone – he was in surgery right after his car crash last Sunday – his lawyer Michael Norris released a statement today saying that his hand was completely crushed when his truck flipped over.

OK! Magazine reports : As you know, Shia was involved in a traffic collision last Sunday. He and his passenger were struck by another vehicle, as Shia was completing a left turn. The force of that impact immediately flipped Shia’s vehicle over, and, as a result, Shia’s left hand was crushed.

Shia underwent four hours of surgery on Sunday and has been recovering since then. His doctors remain hopeful that he will fully recover, but due to extensive surgery and the nature of the injuries, there remains a substantial risk of both infection and other complications.

Shia’s left arm remains fully immobilized from the elbow down, and he will need regular medical supervision until his doctors clear him to return to work. We are hopeful that this return will be sooner rather than later, and the ‘Transformers 2′ production company has rearranged their shooting schedule to accommodate this injury. We remain very grateful for their understanding.

Transformers director Michael Bay told Access Hollywood he warned Shia to be careful when he got a new motorcycle days before the crash, telling him, “‘If you crash, you put 1,500 people out of work.’” Unfortunately it seems like that happened anyway.


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