Amy winehouse drunked- punch the wall, smashes hand

Seriously what is wrong with Amy?? She was normal for a lil while... but again she was back to her old tricks this weekend.

She began the night in high spirits, squirting water with a high-powered jet from her garage at fans gathered outside her Camden, north London, home shortly before 1am. About half an hour later she fancied a trip to live music bar Stables at Camden’s Proud Galleries. She started running to the club with a mystery pal, telling photographers she was going to take them on a trip round the back streets.

She also told them - bizarrely - their mothers would like her because ‘it kept it interesting’. The 24-year-old’s behaviour then became more erratic over the next few hours. She punched the wametal grill outside a shop and then her fist was bleeding, and she also lashed out at her own security guards and one of her nails ripped off in the act.

The troubled singer is suffering from lung disease Emphysema and her face is also showing marks of a skin disease called impetigo.

"With her pale face and smeared make-up, she looked like something out of Michael Jacksons' Thriller video. It was really sad to see," said an onlooker.

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