Brangelina splash out $140,000 on nursery for twins

A source familiar with the plans for the chosen twins’ nursery says that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had a difficult time settling on a design for the room. Like many a Hollywood couple, they initially consulted with representatives of Beverly Hills' baby store Petit Tresor for a plan, but when Pitt and Jolie couldn’t come to an agreement on theme, a psychic was brought in to settle on a plan.

“It’s totally true,” says a source familiar with the meeting. “The psychic was to determine the ‘vibe’ of the twins.”
The source reports that the total cost of the nursery is actually less than what has been reported thus far. “(The reported) $140,000 is a bit high," the source says. “It may only be about $100,000.”

Brad wanted a nursery filled with furniture with ‘clean lines’ — sort if ’60s modern and lots of natural wood colors and whites whereas, Angelina was much more interested in creating a classic European nursery.

But it turned out that Petit Tresor got to work stocking the nursery with organza bassinets with pink bows, pink Versailles-style cribs with matching changing tables and armoires, and custom-made crystal chandeliers made in France.


JesseTheCat said...

Angelina and her husband have enough money to buy anything their hearts desire...makes me wonder why she doesnt have her tatoos my opinion they make her look like a criminal, especially when wearing such a lovely dress.They dont look nice at all :)

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