Carmen Electra Gives Us Sex Tips

Carmen Electra says women should always be prepared for sex, so they should keep a “sexiness kit,” at work or in the car. Ideally it would have, “perfume, lip gloss, and a pair of heels.

Carmen also added,“Being flirty is a way of letting a guy know you’re interested (in him) without making a fool of yourself.”

A "sex-kit" never heard of that.... No doubt she is sexy, but personally, I would never take an advice from a divorcee, who cannot keep a man interested in the first place. High heels and tight dresses do not make you sexy, they just make you seem sexy.Oops! am I being harsh on her? Whats your opinion?


Sarah said...

I have to agree with you there!

Marriage and relationships are not just about sex, they are about being there for the one you love, being a shoulder to cry on and to have someone to grow old with!

The reason why her relationships don't work could be because she doesn't know how to do any of those things!


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