Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway

The Harry Potter star Daniel Redcliffe is exploring new roles as he will make his Broadway debut playing a disturbed stable boy in the revival of Peter Shaffer's play, Equus, in Fall 2008.
Equus opened at the National Theatre in 1973 and became a huge sensation. It reopened in 2007 with Radcliffe as the star.
Radcliffe commented on the prospect of bringing the London show to American audiences on Broadway."I would be very nervous because I think that (the audiences are) even more discerning than in London," Radcliffe said.
The play tells the story of a psychiatrist, played by Richard Griffiths, a Tony Award-winning actor, who tries to treat Alan Strang, (played by Radcliffe) a 17-year-old troubled stable boy who has a pathological sexual fascination with horses.

Opening night at the Broadhurst in New York City is scheduled for Sept. 25, and the production will play a 22-week engagement through Feb. 8, 2009. During the the first show, security will be given the highest priority, as no cameras cellphones will be allowed inside the theatre. It seems that some girl fans are just waiting for an opportunity to click pictures of nude daniel for their collection!


Mo said...

Anyone taking the safety function off Google Images can find pics of Daniel full-monty on the web.

Here via Entrecard.

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