Madonna - The Material Girl is the highest-earning women in music

It has been said that Madonna is the highest-earning woman in music.
Madonna who is 49 has topped the first Cash Queens of Music list, compiled by, after raking in $72 million.A large percentage came from her hugely successful Confessions tour, which earned more than £130million and saw the 49-year-old star appear in front of 1.2million fans in 60 shows. Some of the money also came from her clothing range with high street fashion store H&M.
Madonna, who is married to film director Guy Ritchie and has an estimated £220million fortune, is the world's most successful female singer, having sold 200million records since her 1982 debut.
Barbra Streisand is the second highest earning woman in music
The survey, by US-based business magazine Forbes, is the first to look at women's earnings in the music industry.
Barbra Streisand came second on the list, having earned £ 30million during her first worldwide tour since announcing her retirement in 2000.
At 65, she is the oldest star to be included.
Celine Dion took third place after making £22.6million from her series of nightly concerts at Caesar's Palace hotel in Las Vegas, which ended in December.


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