Amy Smart beats up a guy but slips her nipple... Oops!

Amy Smart was seen beating a guy with a mullet on the sets of Crank2 and while throwing him into the car her dress falls off. It reminds me of her first film (spoiler alert) ended with Jason Statham's character falling out of a helicopter, killing a guy in mid-air, landing on a car and then bouncing onto the pavement, and is now alive and well for the sequel?

But what I'm concerned about is, why Amy was beating up that guy so desperately?
But one thing is sure now, Amy does'nt need a bodyguard to protect herself, she can do it on her own ;) Go girl!
Through some comments I came to know that the guy who's beaten up is Corey Haim.... but i'm not sure can u recognize him??

Have a look at more pictures [via thesuperficial]


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